Our Services

CSA is a full-service alcoholic beverage compliance firm with the breadth and depth to handle all of your company’s compliance needs. Our expert consultants are on call to manage your routine regulatory requirements, answer your compliance questions, and offer advice or actually step in to solve the occasional, inevitable problem. We’re here when you need us; contact us anytime.

Applications for licenses or permits

New licenses or permits are needed when starting new businesses or expanding existing operations. When you make changes to your premises, officers, or ownership structure, regulatory agencies need to be notified. CSA gives your applications the expert consideration and personal attention necessary to get the proper approvals, as soon as possible. From new establishments to out-of-state licenses, CSA delivers what you need.

License Maintenance

Licenses and permits require regular maintenance to keep them in good standing. Most need to be renewed each year, and many have periodic reporting requirements as well. For a monthly fee, CSA will manage your routine compliance requirements, freeing your attention for your many other responsibilities.

Product Compliance

Have CSA’s expert label team obtain your federal approvals like COLAs (Certificates of Label Approval) and formulas. Let us also obtain your state product registrations when you introduce new products or revise your labels, and submit the required postings when you update your prices.


In our highly regulated industry, the rules are complex and ever-changing, and they’re full of exceptions and gray areas. CSA’s team will help you understand what you can do, and under what conditions. And, when you’ve got a bright new idea, one that’s never been tried in exactly that way before, we can help you blaze a safe trail through the legal maze. Call on us to help with your unusual questions and situations.

Digest of Wine and Spirits Law

The Digest is a user-friendly guide to the legal information you need to conduct business as a producer or importer in the highly regulated wine and spirits industry. It is specifically designed to eliminate time-consuming searches for the statutes, regulations, and administrative rulings relevant to your situation. Visit the Digest of Wine and Spirits Law website.