Wineries, breweries and distilleries

Since 1983, Compliance Service of America has been helping wineries, breweries, and distilled spirits producers with their regulatory needs.

For new facilities we prepare and file state and federal applications, and closely monitor their progress to approval. For established operators, we assist with every aspect of

  • Planning and reporting changes in premises, ownership, and principals
  • Implementing nationwide marketing goals
  • Resolving excise tax issues and small producer credit matters
  • Obtaining federal label approvals and trade name additions
  • Correcting license or permit violations

Our broad industry experience and long-standing relationships with regulators allow us to successfully handle compliance projects of any size and complexity.

Privileges and restrictions

Every license type comes with its own very specific set of privileges. Knowing what your license does and doesn’t allow is essential to your business success, growth, and continued good standing under state and federal laws.

What if your creative idea isn’t specifically addressed by the regulations? CSA will do more than just get answers for you. We will help you mix and match license types or adjust operations to assure that you have the privileges you need to fulfill your unique vision.

Startups and acquisitions

If you are thinking of starting a winery, brewery or distillery, CSA can guide you through the process of understanding the requirements and obtaining the federal and state approvals you’ll need.

If you are buying an established facility, careful planning and coordination is essential to maintaining uninterrupted operations and preserving important privileges and tax benefits throughout the transition. We’ll coordinate with your attorney or broker and work closely with federal and state regulators to protect all your interests and maximize your chances for a timely, trouble-free transfer.

When time is precious and timing is important, calling CSA is a smart, simple way to get your business licensed when and how you want. We know the ropes, and we can keep your project from getting tangled in red tape. We take care of your license applications so you can be free to take care of the many other responsibilities of starting up a new operation or taking over an existing business.

Ownership or premise updates

In today’s business environment, things inevitably change. And in the highly regulated alcoholic beverage industry, state and federal agencies want to know about those changes.

Major ownership changes can actually trigger the need for new licenses and permits—whether the change occurs in a single large transaction or is the cumulative effect of many smaller changes over time.

CSA helps clients track and report changes to the various regulatory agencies when needed. We also alert our clients about significant excise tax consequences that can affect small producers after a change of ownership, to help them avoid unpleasant, costly surprises.

Alternating operations

“Alternating” allows a production facility to be alternately used by multiple proprietors, or by a single owner for more than one type of operation. These cost-and-space-saving styles of operating are more complicated to set up and keep going than traditional business practices. CSA has years of experience with alternation, so we can expertly advise you about these options, de-mystify the day-to-day operational procedures, and deliver the benefits to your company.

An alternating proprietorship arrangement allows two or more proprietors to alternately use portions of a winery or brewery premise, thereby sharing the cost of facilities, equipment, and personnel. It allows small proprietors to cooperatively enjoy the economies of scale needed to compete effectively in their category.

An alternating premises arrangement can help you turn your single building into a facility housing multiple, overlapping licenses of different types—for example, allowing a winery to produce de-alcoholized wine on-site, or allowing a commonly owned brewery and winery to share space and equipment.

Call our expert licensing team to take advantage of these possibilities. We’re here for you.

Brands and labels

Wine labeling can be complicated, and beer labeling (which varies from state to state) is even more complex; but CSA makes label development easy for you by reviewing designs and providing expert advice on meeting legal requirements for standard, personalized, export, or import labels.

We’re your safety net too. If you happen to print before discovering a compliance error on a label, we can save re-printing costs by obtaining temporary, conditional approval to “use up” the labeled product.

Sales to wholesalers nationwide

Want get your products onto store shelves and restaurant beverage lists nationwide? To do that, you’ll have to establish working partnerships with one or more wholesalers in each target state. But look before you leap: In many states, the relationship between supplier and wholesaler is heavily regulated, making it complicated and difficult to change. CSA can help you evaluate the distribution challenges in each market you’re considering, and assist you in legally changing wholesalers if the need arises.