About CSA

Compliance Service of America has specialized in alcoholic beverage regulation and licensing since 1983. A fully staffed compliance firm, CSA has the expertise, depth, and experience to handle every compliance need—from routine license maintenance, to new product development, to the planning of complex business acquisitions and restructuring.

No matter how busy we are, we treat every client and every project with careful personal attention and consideration. As a result, we have an unsurpassed track record of success in even difficult situations, and a well-established reputation for delivering the highest quality service. The “CSA style” combines excellence, reliability, and old-fashioned human care.


Great service is our calling. We do our level best to get the best possible outcome in every situation. We won’t promise the sky, or commit to doing more work than we can handle. But we do promise to care about your success as much as you do, and to move mountains to help you succeed. 


To generously contribute our experience, expertise, and cooperative spirit to the overall success of all segments of the alcoholic beverage industry, and to the best interests of the whole.