Importers and Wholesalers

Custom crush, brand builders, foreign suppliers, wholesalers

CSA has a long and successful track record of advising and licensing a wide variety of alcoholic beverage suppliers, including:

  • importers needing licensing, product approval, and labeling assistance
  • brand builders who blend bulk wines to produce new products
  • aspiring vintners and grape growers building their own brands
  • foreign suppliers wanting to form a US import company
  • alcoholic beverage wholesalers expanding into new markets or product categories
  • established food distributors adding beer or wine to their portfolio
  • entrepreneurs marketing contract-brewed brands of beer
  • craft distillers bringing new spirit products to market

Our experience and knowledge will help you find the best way to manifest your creative business plan. We’ll make sure your dream business doesn’t end up in regulatory nightmares.

Business startups

Because each state has its own approach to alcoholic beverage regulation, your plans may be illegal in one state, but perfectly viable in another. Let us help you find the right home and the right license type for your new venture.

If you are new to the importation and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the U.S., we’ll guide you through the licensing process, get your products correctly labeled and approved, and advise you on your options for multi-state distribution. Consult with us and we’ll help you customize and implement a plan that’s best for you.

Business growth

With success comes growth, and a growing business needs more space. Maybe you’ll expand into your own warehouse, or simply start using additional commercial facilities. Generally, these changes in your premises and operations will need regulatory approval and should be reported — in advance.

Sometimes when businesses grow, they just get bigger. But sometimes, they shed their old skin and grow wings. In the wine business, that happens when you make the momentous decision to start a winery. When the time comes, CSA has a variety of ideas up our sleeves to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Labels and brands

CSA can help you grow your portfolio of brands, whether you purchase labels or create them from scratch.

When you acquire an existing product line, the timely execution of the compliance requirements is crucial to keeping the pipeline full throughout the transition. While you’re shaking hands and pouring tastes, let us do the planning and paperwork to keep your distributors and consumers happy.

If you’re creating a new label, we’ll prevent disappointment and delays by critiquing your design, so you can hit the legal bulls-eye on your first shot. But if you’ve already missed the mark and gone to print, we’ll do our best to redeem the situation by requesting temporary permission to use up the printed labels, and help you redesign the label to avoid future problems.

We can also get you all federally required formula and label approvals on your specialty products, as well as all required state registrations for offerings marketed nationally. Come to CSA for label-related compliance. We do it all.

Custom crush

Many people get their start in the wine industry as custom crush or contract bottling clients of a bonded winery. If you’re in this category, you need to hold your own license(s) even though you employ the services of a licensed winery to help you. Licensing these types of operations is a CSA specialty.

As soon as you start talking to a winery about producing your line of wines, we encourage you to talk to us, too. We will evaluate your plans and help you obtain the proper licenses by the time you need them.