Alex Heckathorn

Compliance Consultant and Digest Editor

Alex is a national compliance expert with depth and breadth of experience. He has assisted clients in nearly every market in the United States, giving him a unique overview of nationwide liquor licensing. He has also worked with industry members in all three tiers including, on the supplier side, wineries and other producers, importers, and wholesalers; on the retail side, brewpubs and various other types of vendors.

Clients looking to enter new markets seek his broad perspective and creative guidance on strategies to accomplish their goals. Since Alex is also an expert in tied-house laws, clients with complex ownership structures rely on his advice to understand and avoid potential tied-house problems.

Jay McPherson

Compliance Consultant

Jay brings a variety of talents and a wealth of knowledge to his work. Since joining the CSA team in 1995, he has been handling licensing and land use issues for wineries, breweries, and distilleries as well as retail establishments of all types. He specializes in obtaining TTB permits and state licenses across the country for producers, importers, and wholesalers, especially in complex or non-standard operations such as shared premises, alternating proprietorships, and multiple use operations.

Jay also leads our product compliance department, assisting clients with label design, product formulation, and approvals. His creative flair, perseverance, and warm working relationships with regulators are great assets to our clients.

Sara Schorske

Consultant Emeritus and Digest Editor

Sara is one of the original compliance specialists in the alcoholic beverage industry. She founded CSA in 1983, and in her long career she not only advised and assisted clients but also trained many winery personnel and compliance professionals. Her experience is broad and deep and her ability to find creative solutions to regulatory problems is renowned. She no longer advises clients directly, but contributes her experience and expertise to the other consultants at the firm. She also continues to be the primary editor of The Digest of Wine and Spirits Law.

Eva Goodwin

Compliance Consultant

Eva leads CSA’s out-of-state team, combining her compliance know-how with her own keen intelligence and natural talent for managing people and projects. She now coordinates CSA’s team that handles new license applications, renewals, reporting, label registrations, and price postings. She keeps our projects running smoothly and on schedule, while at the same time capably fielding inquiries from clients. Her warmth, knowledge, and gift for understanding and solving problems are valued by colleagues and clients alike.

Dyana Nedra

Manager and Customer Relations

Dyana is well known and respected by CSA clients and regulators alike for her resourcefulness, diplomatic skills, and persistence in solving problems. Building upon her many years of compliance experience in all aspects of the business, she currently supports the out-of-state licensing team, oversees personnel training and development, and establishes CSA’s relationships with new clients.