Tied House: Pillar of Alcohol Regulation

There are several different ways to transfer a wine business to new ownership, and different reasons to do it — some of which unplanned, like death and divorce. This article helps you understand the options in advance.

The Rules of the Winery Name Game

Two important choices a new winery owner or brand builder makes are what to call his business and what to call his product. It’s easy to lose big if you don’t play by the rules of the name game.

Shiners: A Primer on Unlabeled Wine

Bottles that come off the bottling line without labels, aka shiners, need extra compliance care to avoid regulatory violations. And the penalties for slipping can be painful.

Geographic Brands: An Endangered Species?

Contains a detailed report on the battle between Napa Valley Vintners Association and Bronco Wine Company over use of geographic brand names, and information on the “Napa truth in labeling law.”