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In no other segment of the industry are there so many alternatives for how and where to conduct business. Because each state has its own approach to alcoholic beverage regulation, your business plan may be illegal in one state, but perfectly viable in another. Let us help you find the right home and the right license type for your new venture.

If you are new to the importation and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the U.S., we help shepherd you through the licensing process, help get your products correctly labeled and approved, and advise you on your options for multi-state distribution. Foreign companies forming an import subsidiary in America are often daunted by the many regulatory barriers in interstate commerce here. Should you employ a master distributor or obtain multiple state licenses? Can you work with local importers under the direct import ("DI") model in larger markets? How will you handle their ongoing compliance obligations? Consult with us and we'll help you customize a plan that's best for you.

Compliance Service of America has advised hundreds of businesses bringing new wine, beer and spirit brands to market. We will find you the most cost efficient means to form and license your business, while maximizing your control of your brand and your return on your investment.