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Compliance Service of America works with a diverse range of businesses that are licensed as alcoholic beverage wholesalers or importers, or both. This group of clients include:
• grapegrowers who have their grapes custom crushed

• negotiants who are bulk wine artisans and marketers

• entrepreneurs selling contract-brewed brands of beer

• aspiring vintners building their own brand

• foreign suppliers wanting to form a US import company

• established food distributors adding beer or wine to their portfolio

• wholesalers of alcoholic beverage expanding into other markets or adding
   new products

• importers needing licensing, product approval, and labeling assistance

• designers of new spirit products coming to market
CSA has a long and successful track record of setting up and licensing all of these diverse business opportunities. Our experience and knowledge will help you find the best way to manifest your creative business plan. We make sure your dream business does not end up as a regulatory nightmare.
What our wholesale clients have to say:
"Thank you so much for helping us through all the rough spots!"

"Your company is fabulous to work with! What a joy!"