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We are seeing an explosion of new brands in the alcoholic beverage business, as marketers court new customers with new looks, new tastes, and new price points. Private label programs, special branding and other programs are now crucial to selling wine.

Compliance Service of America can help you grow your portfolio of brands, whether you purchase labels or create them from scratch. Purchasing an established brand may sound easier, but when you acquire an existing product line, the timely execution of the compliance requirements can be crucial to keeping the pipeline full of product throughout the transition. While you're shaking hands and pouring tastes, let us do the planning and paperwork to keep your distributors and consumers happy.

Alcoholic beverage labeling is complicated, but CSA can make it easy for you by previewing labels and giving you expert advice on label requirements. When you're creating a new label, we'll prevent disappointment and delays by critiquing your design, so you can hit the legal bulls-eye on your first shot. But if you've already missed the mark AND gone to print, we can save re-printing costs by obtaining temporary or conditional approval to "use up" the labeled product.

New imported products may need certification or pre-approval before TTB will sign off on the labels and allow the product to be imported. Specialty products often need formula and product approval before importation. CSA can help you will get your formula or product approved by TTB.
Here are some helpful articles to give you an overview of labeling issues:
From trade names to brand names to labeling assistance, CSA has you covered. For more on how to develop and use your brand names, read: