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Many people get their start in the wine industry as custom crush or custom bottling clients of a bonded winery. Some custom crushers are grape growers; others are winemakers using their talents to create their own brand. Custom bottling clients are marketing specialists or negociants who buy and blend bulk wine for their own labels.

If you're in this category, you need to hold your own license(s) even though you employ the services of a licensed winery to help you. Licensing these types of operations is a Compliance Service of America specialty. Most custom crush and custom bottling clients are required to have a TTB Basic Permit as a Wholesaler and some type of state license. In California, the 17/20 license combination is popular because of its retail privileges. If you are a grape grower in California, Oregon or Washington, your state offers special growers licenses to give you extra flexibility in making the most from your crop.

If you are talking to a winery about producing your line of wines, we encourage you to talk to us, too. We will evaluate your plans and help you obtain the proper licenses by the time you need them.
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