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In today's fast-paced, complex business environment, things inevitably change. Estate planning strategies; new members, partners, or stockholders; changes in officers and directors; even changes in business structure, can all be expected in the life of any business. In the highly regulated alcoholic beverage industry, state and federal agencies want to know about those changes. Major ownership changes can actually trigger the need for new licenses and permits -- whether the change occurs in a single large transaction or is the cumulative effect of many smaller changes over time. Compliance Service of America helps clients track and report changes to the various regulatory agencies, when needed.

With success comes growth, and with growth requires more space. Maybe you open your own warehouse to expand, or simply start using additional commercial facilities. All of these changes in your premises or operations probably need regulatory approval and should be reported - in advance.

Sometimes when you grow, you just get bigger. But sometimes, you shed your old skin and grow wings. In the wine business, that equates to the momentous decision to become a winery. When that decision comes, CSA has a variety of ideas up our sleeves to ease your happy transition. Let us help you head for the skies.
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