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When there is a change of ownership or management, prompt reporting is required. Whether there is a stock change, a merger, a change in officers and/or directors, or a name change, the regulators want to know about it.

CSA regularly summarizes our clients' reporting requirements when changes are being contemplated, and we provide their management and counsel with useful data before final decisions are made.

CSA routinely prepares the forms necessary to report these company updates. In some cases, regulators may require complete license applications. CSA helps to navigate the necessary reporting and take the necessary steps to avoid conflicts with renewals or other licensing events.

CSA's staff is always at the ready to make update reporting go as smoothly as possible. Large chains have found that using CSA to report their company updates is more efficient than outsourcing to local experts, because updated information only needs to be provided once. Our staff can take care of the rest, and make sure that renewals and new openings are not affected.

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