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Retailers of all sizes and types rely on CSA to help them obtain the licenses needed to sell or serve beer, wine, and spirits. Whether your company operates restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, brewpubs, concession outlets, or on-site food services, CSA has the experience required to understand your licensing needs, and the know-how to make the process go smoothly.

For regional and national chain operators, CSA provides a one-stop source for licensing in ALL states and locations. Whether you're opening one at a time or many at once, using CSA eliminates the need to manage multiple consultants or law firms in different parts of the country.

CSA comes to the table with a broad understanding of the licensing and compliance issues inherent in large transactions. We help management and corporate counsel structure these transactions to optimize the transition and prevent interruptions of alcoholic beverage sales or service.
What our retail clients have to say:
"It makes a big difference for us in the end having a strong and reliable licensing team from the start helping us along the way."

"Thank you for working your magic!"