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Every liquor license is issued for a specific "licensed premises." If site expansion or remodeling is planned, or if store operations are going to change, regulatory approval will likely be needed. Significant changes, such as adding a new dining room or patio, relocating the bar, or extensive remodeling will usually require approval in advance.

Sometimes plans to expand premises are combined with visions of expanding privileges. Grocery stores are adding dining areas, and wish to serve beer and wine; restaurants are selling meals to go and hope to include sales of packaged beer and wine; wine shops want to add wine bars to sell tastes or serve wine by the glass. Such concepts, which blend privileges of different license types, may require special attention and planning in order to be successful. Let CSA review the company's goals and prepare a licensing plan so the establishment of the expanded operations goes smoothly.

CSA has worked with many clients to fit new trends in retailing into existing or new operations. Use our experience to help grow your market share.

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