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We help our clients push the envelope on traditional approaches to alcoholic beverage retailing -- for example, serving beer and wine by the glass in a supermarket dining area; including alcoholic beverages with take-out meals; establishing convenience stores in unexpected locations, to name a few. Often, of course, concepts that "color outside the lines" clash with regulatory restrictions. For many of our clients, CSA has found creative ways to operate proposed new concepts under the licensing privileges available. Our experience with retailers of all types, coupled with our understanding of state regulations and our ability to think outside the box, can help your business distinguish itself with new methods of operating.

Knowing whether the appropriate alcoholic beverage license can be obtained for a potential new location is vital before signing a lease. CSA conducts pre-lease feasibility studies to expose any licensing obstacles, hidden costs, or potential delays at a proposed site, allowing you to make an informed decision whether to proceed.

When the time comes to open one or more new locations, CSA offers on-call expertise and additional manpower to make sure the job's high-pressure demands won't disrupt your company's day-to-day compliance activities. We coordinate all phases of the licensing process, from preparing and submitting applications, to the all-important process of following up with regulators to smooth the inevitable wrinkles and assure timely issuance.

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