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If you dream of starting a winery, brewery or distillery, Compliance Service of America can guide you through the process of understanding the applicable regulations and preparing the necessary applications for state licenses and federal permits. We have helped launch hundreds of wineries and breweries in many states across the nation. When your time is precious and your timing is important, calling CSA is the smartest and simplest way to assure that a new facility is licensed when and how you want. We know the ropes; we'll keep your project from getting tangled in red tape!

If you are buying an established winery or brewery, careful planning and coordination is essential to maintaining uninterrupted operations and for preserving important privileges and tax benefits throughout the transition. We'll work with your attorney or broker to protect all your interests and make sure you can start operating as soon as the deal closes. And we'll work closely with the federal and state regulators to satisfy their requirements and ensure a fast and trouble-free transfer.

For special considerations on tax issues for small producers, see the TTB Taxes and bonds page.
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