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Since 1983, Compliance Service of America has assisted wineries, breweries, and distilled spirits producers with the full range of their regulatory needs. Our broad experience, excellent teamwork, and long-standing relationships with many state and federal regulators allow us to smoothly and efficiently handle compliance projects of any size and complexity.

For new facilities, we prepare and file state license and Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) permit applications, and closely monitor their progress to approval. Our buck-stops-here attitude frees our clients to attend to the many other responsibilities of starting up a new operation or taking over an existing business.

For established operators, we routinely assist with reporting changes in premises, ownership, and principals. We help prevent problems through personalized staff training, compliance audits, and transaction planning. We also provide confident, expert assistance in resolving license or permit violations and excise tax issues.

If you are planning to operate as an alternating proprietor, we can help craft your agreement with the host operator and make sure you understand your special obligations as a "tenant" operator. We can also prepare the necessary government filings for both the host and tenant winery or brewery.

For established producers wishing to set-up alternating uses at an existing premise -- such as a brewery or winery adding distilling operations -- we can help you meet the requirements for segregation of the premises and proper recordkeeping for the alternating operations.

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What our producer clients have to say:
"Thank you so much. You were a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

"I greatly appreciate all of your time and effort in walking us through the legal obstacles for the last year's vintage. It makes the process much easier when we can work with knowledgeable people such as yourself."