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Every license type allows its own very specific set of privileges. Knowing exactly what you can and cannot do with your license is essential to your business, its growth, and its good standing under state and federal law.

For example, winery operators commonly ask questions like these: Can we sell wine by the glass? Is it possible to also operate a restaurant, and can it serve beverages other than wine? Are direct sales to consumers allowed? Can we operate an off-site tasting room, and what is allowed there? What about importing?

Often, industry members hesitate to bring their questions and concerns to regulators for fear of excessively technical answers, overly narrow interpretations, or just plain saying something they'll later regret. Never fear: CSA can answer all your license-related questions, and if needed, we can discreetly inquire to regulators about any licensing issue without risk.

And we'll do more than just get answers; we will help you mix and match license types or help you adjust operations to assure that you have the privileges you need to grow your business.

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