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The nationwide expansion of large chain retailers brings with it a challenge: national compliance. Whether the challenge sneaks up gradually, one location at a time, or arrives suddenly with a major acquisition, how will your company handle it?

Local experts?
Will you seek the help of local experts in each region? When it comes to coordinating large projects, our clients have found this approach burdensome, costly, and terribly inefficient.

National experts?
Experts in national compliance are rare. The learning curve is long and steep. Check the experience of any consultant or consulting firm before retaining their services. Ask which jobs similar to yours they have handled in the past. Remember, the licensing process in each jurisdiction is unique. Never entrust your project to a company that does not have plenty of national experience.

Evaluating licensing bids
Inexperienced compliance consultants frequently underbid national compliance jobs. That may look like a windfall in your favor, but often, those "favorable" bids turn into unfavorable disasters filled with headaches and delays. You may even end up taking the work back or paying more to fix it. Hopefully, you will not have to learn this from experience.

CSA is an experienced national consulting firm. National compliance is our specialty. We handle compliance work for numerous nationwide companies. We have a good idea what almost any job will take. Our quotes may sometimes be higher than a competitor's quoted price. Think of the difference as cheap insurance for getting the job done quickly and correctly.

Even if you choose not to use our services at this time, remember: If you run into trouble, we have the know-how to help you out of a jam.