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Hourly consultation
Research projects and consultations are best handled on an hourly basis. When the scope of a project is uncertain, we want to make sure you pay for only what you need, rather than a flat fee calculated cover all possible contingencies.

Many of our clients use us on a consultation basis to help them decide how to best operate in a given state and which licenses to obtain. Once the decisions are made, then CSA can proceed with the license project on a flat rate basis.

Customized flat rate
We like to work on a flat rate basis whenever possible. Each flat rate we quote is customized to the client's project. We use a formula that takes into account various factors, including: where the license will be located, the type of license needed, number of licenses needed, type of business structure, and number of people involved. CSA's years of experience with applying for all types of licenses across the country gives us the background to realistically quote a project.

Our flat fees cover information gathering, document preparation and submission, follow up and coordination with regulators, and the normal amount of problem-solving that always arises in any alcoholic beverage license transaction. We stick with your project until your licenses are issued AND we do everything humanly possible to make sure you get your approvals on time.