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The regulations governing brewpubs or brewery restaurants are much more confusing than those for traditional breweries or non-brewing restaurants. This is because a brewpub operates as both a producer (brewery) and a retail restaurant, bringing together privileges that have traditionally been kept strictly separate under federal and state "tied house" laws.

Each state has devised its own unique way of regulating brewpubs. In some states, this is still a work in progress, leaving privileges and restrictions for brewpubs full of unresolved conflicts and issues. Therefore, we recommend consulting CSA early in the planning stages of any proposed brewery restaurant. We have a proven track record of delivering good results -- and timely openings -- to our brewpub clients.

Let CSA's expertise in federal, state, and local regulation lead you through the brewpub compliance maze. CSA has helped many brewpub operators obtain federal, state and local authorizations to operate all around the country. We will also prepare you for your federal recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and help you design your operation in accordance with what your state license will allow.
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