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Planning is essential for the successful opening of any restaurant. With brewpubs and brewery restaurants, it is especially crucial, because each state, and sometimes each city or county, has its own unique way of treating brewpubs. No matter how many other locations you have, you could be in for surprises on the next one! Also, delays on the opening of a brewpub can be devastating, if they leave you with too little lead-time to make beer for the grand opening. That's why many multi-unit operators have relied on CSA's experience and research to craft their plans for expansion. Compliance Service of America has the experience to guide brewery restaurant chain operators safely through the maze of regulations and laws that govern brewpubs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Knowing whether the appropriate alcoholic beverage license can be obtained for a potential new location is vital before signing a lease. CSA conducts pre-lease feasibility studies to expose any licensing obstacles, hidden costs, or potential delays at a proposed site, allowing you to make an informed decision whether to proceed.

When the time comes to open one or more new locations, CSA offers on-call expertise and additional manpower to make sure the job's high-pressure demands won't disrupt your company's day-to-day compliance activities. We coordinate all phases of the licensing process, from preparing and submitting applications, to the all-important process of following up with regulators to smooth the inevitable wrinkles and assure timely issuance.