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Mergers and acquisitions are the bread and butter of modern business, but transactions involving brewpubs in several states are far from routine. We know -- Compliance Service of America has helped many clients plan and implement the acquisition of multiple brewery restaurants, and even mixed chains of brewpubs and non-brewing restaurants.

We can help with every stage of the transaction. Early on, we provide a clear overview of the regulatory implications so they can be taken into account when structuring the deal, and we work to remove potential roadblocks ahead of time. When the time comes, CSA also handles the applications for transferring licenses and brewer's notices, to ensure that both brewing and sales continue uninterrupted during the transition. Our staff is experienced and well equipped to handle large, multi-unit transactions in ALL states, leaving management and lower-level personnel free to attend to other details.

CSA has experience with all types of large transactions: asset purchases, stock acquisitions, mergers, equity buy-outs, purchases out of bankruptcy, and stalking horse transactions. CSA works with transaction attorneys to assure that all contingencies and regulatory requirements are covered. We also alert counsel to any tied house issues created by the transition, and help salvage situations, when necessary, by offering solutions.

Timely reporting of large acquisitions or transactions can temporarily overburden a "right-sized" compliance department, creating stress and potential difficulty with the timely handling of their regular compliance workload. CSA can help your compliance staff by providing the extra EXPERIENCED manpower required to handle these short term reporting burdens. Regulators are accustomed to CSA being involved in these types of transactions, and our track record gives them the confidence that reporting will be handled correctly.