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Managing brand names, brand registrations, and label approvals are all part of brewery compliance, even for small brewpubs. For brewpub chains or mixed restaurant/brewpub chains, these can become important aspects of the business plan. Before any beer can be removed from your brewpub in a keg, that keg must have a TTB approved label. Growlers may need approved labels, depending on how you fill them and what your state requires.

Compliance Service of America can help you design legal labels and obtain the approvals you need. CSA will also guide you through the intricacies of brand registration, price posting, and distributor appointment, as applicable in your state.

Chains of brewery restaurants often want to move beers from one restaurant to another, or have beer contract brewed for both their brewing and non-brewing restaurants. CSA can handle the multiplicity of labeling requirements involved in these arrangements, including transferring trade names, adding bottling trade names, and obtaining the label approvals and brand registrations needed to move the product where you need it.