Stage 1 -- Initial information:
Business plan
Business structure considered
Analysis or possible locations/markets
Tied-house considerations
Stage 2 -- Site selection and due diligence:
Zoning, utilities, parking, use permit requirements, local alcoholic beverage license requirements, conceptual design
Stage 3 -- Formation of business structure:
Incorporate or organize business entity
Select and protect name(s)
Obtain Tax ID numbers
Obtain financing and investors
Stage 4 -- Acquire site:
Lease or purchase subject to conditions that you can obtain important approvals such as CUP, zoning, local alcoholic beverage licenses
Nine to 12 months before opening
-- Start design process:
Hire architect and engineers
Decide on brewery layout and equipment sizing for space design
Six to 12 months before opening --
Apply for and obtain local approvals:
Conditional use permit or land use pemit
Conditional local alcoholic beverage permit (issued on build-out and final inspections)
Design review of building and signs
Historical building remodel approval
Five to 7 months before opening --
Apply for permits:
Building permit
Final plans submitted and plan check done
Permit issued
Water and sewer connections confirmed
Apply for health department and food-service establishment permits
Order brewery and reataurant equipment, furnishing, fixtures
Four to five months before opening --
Alcoholic beverage licenses
Apply for TTB, state and local alcoholic beverage licenses -- applications prepared and filed
Collect information
Obtain bonds
Submit applications
15 to 45 days before opening -- inspections
TTB brewery inspection (request if application is substantially complete and equipment is installed and the secured areas are completed)
Local and state ABC inspections, if required
Fire, police, safety, and health inspections
Final building inspection
File for special occupation tax with ATF
30 days before opening -- Final permits issued:
TTB Brewer's notice
State brewer's license
Local alcoholic beverage permit (often state/local wants TTB Brewer's Notice before issuance; in many places local license issues first, then state will issue)
Certificate of occupancy for building/premises
Food service/health permits
Fire marshall approval
Special occupation tax (federal tax stamps)
All dates and times are approximations based on general principals. Adjust this schedule to meet your unique needs and any local or state unusual circumstances